Not Enough – T or an F?

I’ve noticed how many ways the theme of “not enough” comes up in my life and business: I’m not good enough, doing enough, working enough, making enough, wanting enough etc. and how even when my C’s change, it still comes back.

I’ve always thought of this as a thought, but I was wondering if maybe “not enough” could also be an emotion? I noticed how resistant I am to believing I am “not enough” and whenever I catch myself in “not enough” I try to go to sufficiency. But it feels very resistant and usually I can’t get from insufficient to sufficient – I’m wondering if that’s because it’s an emotion that needs to be processed? I’ve always assumed that it’s an indulgent emotion/thought error that I don’t need to spend time processing, but that doesn’t seem to be helping. But maybe that’s because I still don’t believe it’s a T (it feels like a C). Any thoughts would be appreciated!