Not enough time

It’s so interesting- I got coached on this thought “I don’t have enough time to build my business” a couple of weeks ago, and it’s coming up everywhere. I never recognized how often I’m thinking it and in so many different situations. One place that I notice it the most, is when I’m making breakfast for my family. I feel the tension tighten my chest, my shoulders, my breathing gets more shallow- and sure enough, I find that I’m thinking I have to hurry. To where though, is the question- I don’t necessarily have anything to hurry to. I’ve been asking myself how this thought is serving me and why I continue to choose it even after seeing what it creates for me. I’ve been practicing relaxing into that stressed feeling when I notice it, and practicing new thoughts like “I have exactly as much time as I need.” What can I do to help myself further and let go of this thought?