Not enough time in the calendar

Hi there!

I have this thought that scheduling only a small amount of time in the calendar won’t lead to the results that I want. Here’s my unintentional model:

C: Schedule 30 minutes for the result of
T: That’s not enough time to be successful in my business
F: Nervous
A: I schedule more time in my calendar than those 30 minutes I want to schedule and I have time for, cancel the event the day of when I feel like I overscheduled and I’m overwhelmed OR go through with the event, but be very tired
R: I am not creating the success I want in my business (is this a good R?)

Another related thought is: “I need to schedule more time to be successful”

While I see that in the above model I’m creating the result I don’t want, it still feels like scheduling a lot more time is the way to go. And I notice my brain trying to push myself into scheduling more time on my calendar instead of going for the shorter amount of time (30 minutes) I want to schedule in the first place.

Would love your guidance in opening this up a bit. Thanks!