This is not an excuse to QUIT.

I am pissed! lol. I am an ambassador for a MLM company. I love my job. I love helping people change their lives with the products I sell. I am a business builder with more than 500 people on my team (very small for my company). My personal business is very successful – lots of sales, I reach my goals, a consistently recruit new teammates each and every month, I get stuff done. What is missing? I am missing something. I cannot get my team to engage. I have lost 3 of my four “runners” and most of my team is inactive. I was growing at a great pace up until a year ago and then a few things happened (they cracked down on what we could post on social media and changed the requirement for people to have a sitting order in place each month) and bam, my team began to die. For the last 12 months, my business has stayed the exact same despite trying everything to turn it around. I thought (after doing the model) that the missing ingredient was to create an environment that people wanted to be a part of. I am working so hard to do that! Still nothing…
So what am I pissed about? The top leaders at my company are all in Hawaii. They are posting about “who wants to be here with us next year?” and “all you have to do is make the decision and be consistent” “draw your line in the sand” “stop making excuses” Really? I work my ASS off. I can’t think of one thing more I could possibly do. My “numbers” are better than the majority of those people in Hawaii. The difference is they are leading teams. When they turn around, they have massive numbers of people behind them. When I turn around, I have hardly any. I work so hard for my team. It feels pointless.
What does this mean? I am in the wrong place? Do I just keep my blinders on – head down – do the work?
Tell it to me straight, Brooke. I need clarity.