“Not fair” thoughts

I was leading a project and was working closely with someone from another team (X). X had great feedback for me personally but never shared that publicly until I was on the project. I had to roll off of that project since my oncall shift began and somebody else (Y) from my team took it over from me. Y continued my design, implemented it and delivered the project. Now X publicly appreciated Y (on internal social platform) for his efforts but never mentioned my name. I felt this was very unfair. My efforts were not recognized. It was as though I never did anything to this project.

C: X posted – Y was the face of the project and did a great job
T: I can’t believe she didn’t mention me at all
F: anger
A: fuming. Spinning thoughts, about confronting her. Vent to husband
R: ?

C: same
T: this is so unfair
F: victim
A: avoid feeling. Tell myself it’s ok while I don’t agree that it is.
R: I’m unfair to myself

I have been coaching myself that – adults can say or do anything they want. And asking myself what am I making this mean. My answer is I’m making this mean that her behavior would affect my promotion, but that may not be true. I have several other artifacts and evidences for promotion and not having my name mentioned in that website is not a big deficit. It seems that I have handled my thoughts for the time being but they keep coming up every time this project gets mentioned in the meetings.

My new thoughts are
I should have not rolled off and continued , then it would be great
I thought I processed my thoughts but they are coming up again

What could be some thoughts that I could think instead ? Or should I just be ok that I am disappointed? Please give me a direction to proceed with my self coaching