Not feeling good enough

Hi Brooke!
I am doing the homework for August and it’s been awesome; however, I still fall down into that destructive pit of not feeling like I’m good enough. The not being good enough podcast which is part of August’s work really got to me and I didn’t even want to do the homework after the podcast because I didn’t like where it was taking me. I feel like I need coaching big time because I’m even feeling like my boyfriend isn’t “good enough” which I know is a reflection of me. I feel like he is weak and doesn’t take control of his life like I’m doing. I’m even living in his house he shared with his ex wife! Like WTF! I have said we need a new house together but I don’t think he really hears me. He doesn’t have to leave it because he already has me there. What do I do?? How do I change this thinking?? What kind of models do I need to do?? I know this post is long but any advice is helpful.