Not feeling well/sick and Protocol

Hey Brooke! I have created a protocol and have been sticking to it really well. However, I have noticed one of my “trump cards” is I am tired and I don’t feel well, which when modeled out leaves me feeling defeated and resigned. My actions from that feeling are to buffer with ineffective busyness or it gives me a way out to go off of my protocol and eat something a little more comforting, albeit lately it has been a rice cake with almond butter. The results are that I am not creating the results I want regarding weight loss and I am not staying as committed to my words and intentions.

That being said, the past couple of days, I truly have not felt well. Stomach pains have left me not wanting to eat my regular salad in fear that it would create more stomach pain. I am currently nursing as well, so I realize the need to keep my calories up to a certain extent to keep my supply going. What would you do in terms of eating when not feeling well, considering my current situation. Yesterday I ended up having my normal breakfast and a light soup for both lunch and dinner. Thanks for everything. You are making a huge difference in the world and I appreciate you SO much. Can’t wait to be a testimonial for you!