Not following a clear path

Although I just reached VIP status, and I love listening to podcasts and getting inspired by Brooke, I’m not doing a daily workbook. I travel a great deal, and have started some but not finished one, then the next new month comes and I get overwhelmed.
I started SCS for two reasons: to get more work done (especially with my novel), and reduce my daily glass of chardonnay.
Novel: When I started planning how to finish that, I got overwhelmed. So I have no novel goal, although I’m also working on my novel, nearly daily,
Wine: Right now, I’m trying to observe why I am back to drinking my daily glass of chard

Overall, I feel I’m in the water and my goal is upstream. I feel like I’m floating, or maybe swimming very slowly into the current, and the current keeps pushing me back. I don’t know how to get going so I can feel like I’m on a clear path from A to B. Your thoughts? Thanks