Not following meal plan

Dear Coaches, I’ve had trouble in the last months following my meal plan (protocol). For some years I wasn’t having trouble with this and had reached a good weight for me, though still about 4-5 kg from my goal weight.

In these last 4 months I’ve gained 5 kgs and just keep making daily plans which I don’t follow. I need some help on this & based on your thoughts on where to start I may bring this again as it’s becoming a real problem & I get very discouraged. When I look at my actions on the intentional model – and generally my whole intentional model – I’m nowhere near that, it all feels quite scattered.

Other areas of my life are going well, but with this one, I struggle & I don’t want to gain more weight. It’s becoming a vicious cycle.

Here are my models today on this
Unintentional model
C: I do a daily meal plan. Yesterday I didn’t follow it.
T: There’s no answer to this, I keep failing
F: judgmental
A: makes me have helpless / hopeless thoughts
can become stuck and confused in not knowing what to do, keep changing my protocol
leads to further buffering & off plan eating
spoils enjoyment of food
R: I gain weight or don’t lose, don’t enjoy my meals

Intentional Model
C: I do a daily meal plan. Yesterday I didn’t follow it.
T: ??
F: clear, self caring
A: I focus on processing urges, do work on that
I go back to Brooke’s overcoming overeating masterclass
I meal plan for the week [haven’t been doing this]
I discuss my constant changes of protocol with a coach
R: I lose the weight I want