Not following through with my plans (indulging creativitiy)

I’m trying to work on following through with the plans I make for myself for my day so I can get done the things I want to in my life and actually be respectful to myself to going to bed at a good and healthy time. Last night this did not happen because I was wrapped up in mixing the tracks to create my podcast intro and I was just so excited doing it that I didnt stop until I realized it was almost 11pm. I love giving myswlf time to be creative and that creativity is life-giving to me, but I also want to be sleeping on a regular schedule/routine. This is my model I did:

C: Last night I planned to work on mixing tracks from 8:30 – 9:00pm, but did not stop this taak until 10:30pm.
T: I’m indulging myself.
F: Disappointed.
A: Dwell on the fact that I didnt follow my schedule and did not take the next action that I planned.
R: I continue to be stuck in a cycle of indulging my creativity, then being upset with myself for doing that (being up too late), then I shut down, then I miss being creative and so I start the cycle again.

When I did this model, I thought, “WOW”. I did not realize that is the result I’m creating for myself. And that’s not a result I want. And then, immediately I was curious with myself instead of mad/upset (which was surprising to me) and I thought, “what if I just gave myself enough space to really dive into my creativity?”

Woah, again!

My question now though is, do you think I’m on the right track with this model? Am I doing this right? It feels right, but I guess I do not yet have the confidence in where my models are taking me.