Not following through

Hey Brooke!
I’ve been in SCS since the beginning and I have to say that this has been a very challenging process! A good challenge genbut dtill a challenge! For the first 3 months of SCS I successfully went off sugar and flour (without loosing weight but feeling amazing!!) I have since chosen to not only eat sugar and flour again but also over eat. I know you have said to several clients to decide ahead of time what to eat then do that exactly, don’t eat any other item (not even a piece of kale lol) Well that is where I am not following though. I write out in advance what I’m going to do then I choose to not follow it. My thoughts behind this are “not wanting to miss out” “I’m really not overweight so why am I trying this” “I want to feel full not empty”.
I am 5’10” weigh 160, very active and toned, size 6/8. I don’t look at all overweight I have always wanted to weigh 140, even at my height. I genuinely don’t believe this is possible and I am proving that correct every day. I’ve had this skewed view of myself and my body since childhood and I’d like to be rid of it and it’s effects. Even though I’m not “overweight” I constantly think/stress/focus/obsess over food. What can I do to help my mind?? Thanks for all that you do!!