Did you not get my question – update.

My question was about my purpose, and that I have two, from my original download, and I wasn’t sure if that was the right way forward. Whether they “clashed”, whether I need to have absolutely just one. My purposes were/are – growth (my own, in several ways: my job but mostly my emotional life) and being at peace with my life and self just as they are. So: growth and peace. But then today I did some thinking, and have realised that they are kind of the same thing, for me. Growth helps me find peace. For example – a conversation with my sister, laughing about how funny her boyfriend is, my head off in envy-mode, hating my own life, my own partner. But then I read Pema Chodron and I have this insight, again, into how I can step back from these feelings which are essentially just my brain firing up my old “story”, and that I don’t need to fight those feelings or change them, I just need to be aware of what they really are. And so, I guess that renewal of awareness, again and again and again, and letting my feelings BE without trying to challenge or fight with them, is growth, and through that I have found some peace. Sorry – this isn’t a question any more, I suppose. But just wanted to get back to you!

Warm wishes – Anna