Not getting Covid vaccine, publicly shamed by child

I have chosen to not get a vaccine. My child has announced this whenever we are somewhere public and I’m not wearing a mask, like for instance at the grocery store. I feel that it is “disrespectful” behavior. I can take away the judgment that it’s disrespectful and just allow it to be my kid has different feelings than me, and as a kid who is learning to differentiate from me – “He SHOULD be announcing that publicly because that’s what kids do.” I can do all kinds of thought downloads to feel better about it, but I guess I also want to teach him to not do that because I don’t want him to do something like that to others. I want to teach him in a constructive way, not in a controlling way that will have him resisting me even more than he already is. Is this a time to set a boundary with a consequence? Are there videos on parenting in SCS you can refer me to? Thanks in advance!