Not Good Enough

Hi, I just started the “How to Live Your Purpose” workshop call from earlier this month and realized that I definitely do not believe that I am ‘good enough.’ This seems like such a hard idea to accept (especially since I’ve always been a perfectionist with impossibly high standards). I started writing all of the areas that I don’t feel ‘good enough’: I’m too emotional, can’t make decisions, can’t keep the house organized, don’t play with my kids enough, don’t plan enough play dates for them, don’t support my Dad enough, don’t take care of my physical health enough, don’t save enough $, don’t understand finances enough, don’t support my husband enough, don’t have enough hobbies, not enough relaxation etc. I compare myself to others which further supports the idea that I’m not ‘good enough’ in any area of my life. I clearly have a lot of self-coaching to do on this topic. Can you recommend one of the topics in the vault under ‘coaching tools’ that would be a good place to start? Thanks!