not good enough

What do I do if I feel not good enough?

C: any situation in life
T: I am not good enough
F: afraid
A: none, avoidance, or hustling, ruminating, trying to figure out what is wrong with me.
R: I’m not treating myself well enough?????

C: any
T: I will be judged
F: afraid
A: think a lot before acting, difficulty with decision making, take a long time to decide, second guess self, inconsistent in that sometimes overly serious other times maybe not serious enough???
R: I judge myself?????? (I feel as if I am getting these R lines “correct” but not really getting them.

C: any
T: people won’t like me/I won’t be accepted.
F: fearful
A: spend a lot of energy trying to do the right or appropriate thing, energy spent on how others think/feel/respond to me.
R: ??? I’m not accepting me???

I can write these models and R lines, but I’m not really getting it. I’m not seeing how to change and not “feeling” it at the gut level.