Not honoring achievements

My husband and I are moving from Washington to Montana in 11 days. I’m going through the Time Management workbook this month and the TDL this morning uncovered this unintentional model:

C: April
T: This month is a wash for my goals
F: Resigned
A: Go through the motions for my “big 3 goals” without intention, don’t commit, make excuses, blame moving for the lack of goal progress
R: I don’t make any progress on my goals even though I could have

Then the IM I came up with after realizing that the UM was not serving me looked like this:

C: April
T: This month, I am accomplishing a MAJOR goal of moving to Montana
F: Excited
A: Make decisions through this filter, forgive myself for not working on other goals as much, finish moving preparations and setting up on the other side
R: I accomplish a HUGE goal and I set myself up for making progress on all the rest of my goals

I didn’t even NOTICE that I was discounting the move as accomplishing a major goal because I don’t write it down as one of my big 3 for the year. But it has been a goal for the past couple of years.

I’d like some help understanding why I didn’t even allow myself to notice that April is actually a HUGE month for my goals, just not the “big 3” goals I’ve been consciously working on. It’s like I’m thinking that the move is interrupting my ability to make progress on the other things, but completing the move will free up so much brain space to work on those other goals. This is a pattern, too, that I don’t take time to notice or honor my accomplishments, or I discount my achievements for one reason or another.