*** not honoring my schedule

Hi Brooke,

I SO want to develop a strong work ethic. It’s my main problem when it comes to my impossible goal for next year. I often self-sabotage myself with procrastination, then not showing up, also buffering with food or entertainment. It’s like they come in a package. 🙂
So far I’ve been usually working the minimum hours (I work online), and I’ve been living ‘paycheck to paycheck’ for years, and I want to change this. I feel like it’s Not who I am, I have big dreams for my life, and I know I am capable of so much more.
I have a huge money goal for 2019, and for that I need to really become the person that I want to be, someone who honors her schedule, shows up on time, works consistently and is not afraid of feeling negative emotions .
I need a bit of help from you. How should I start? Should I use, for example, the Urges sheet and do models every time i don’t feel like honoring my schedule? Any other ideas?

Thank you so much!