Not hungry

Hi Brooke!

I had to stop IF back in April due to a number of health issues that cropped up and on the insistence of my MD but I’ve been back on for 2 weeks and feeling great!

The one thing I wanted your help on is not feeling hungry at the end of my eating window. I typically have lunch between 12 and 1:30 each day (I work in sales so sometimes I have appointments and cannot eat until after). I really have no issue feeling hunger because I know that the hunger dissipates over time and I can handle it. But when I do eventually eat, I start to feel the hunger and it’s satisfying to break the fast.

However, the same is not true for my second meal of the day. I often feel snacky during the afternoon but I let that feeling ride, but when it gets close to the end of my eating window, I don’t actually feel hungry. I’m all about listening to my body and it feels like I should only eat if I’m hungry but I also don’t think eating one salad with protein and veggies is enough for a day (especially because I strength train or do HIIT training every single day).

What do you suggest? Should I just eat something and assume my body will get used to this eating regimen again? I’m cognizant of not falling into the calorie restriction trap but also knowing full well my body has 10lbs of yummy body fat it can munch on. 😉

Thanks for your help!