Not hungry!

Hi Brooke!
So I’m back, the one that said I still felt hungry off and on all day long and hadn’t lost weight in a while (I thought it was a week, but turned out to be more like 4-5 days at the same weight). I quit chewing gum and dropped the rice and potatoes from most of my meals (had some starches once a day Sat & Sun, none yesterday or Friday) — and guess what. I know you told me to check in after 3 weeks, but all it took was one day of no gum and no rice/potatoes and my hunger went away. It was like MAGIC.

Now it’s almost like I have the opposite problem! It’s lunchtime now, haven’t eaten since yesterday, and I’m NOT hungry. LOL.
Now that the hunger has dropped away so much, do I continue to eat on a regular meal schedule (e.g. noon and 6 pm) or do I wait to break my fast until I get hungry? Or is this a sign that my meals don’t have to be as big. Like fine tune the meals until they are just enough that I find myself hungry for the next meal?
Thanks so much. : )