Not invited to the meeting model

There was a work meeting I was not invited to and I think I should have been invited. Others working on the same project were in the meeting. I am thinking my boss must not value what I bring to the table for this. These are my thoughts. I have tried on the thought, “he invited the people he needed for the discussion” but the other thought predominates. I am making this mean something about me and my contribution. 🙂

I would like input on my model and questions to ask myself. Here is where I went with it.

Unintentional Model
C – I was not invited to the meeting.
T – The CEO does not value my input.
F – Inadequate.
A – Spin thoughts in my head, seek validation from others (e.g. “shouldn’t I have been invited?”), shut down.
R – Don’t demonstrate my value.

Want to choose a better thought but I am blank at the moment!

Thank you!!