Not Knowing the How

Hi coaches–I’m a coach and I’m still working my full time job in school administration.  I have one paying client that I squeeze in once a week during a lunch break on a day I work from home.  I’m ready to take on more clients, but between my full time job and being a mom, I just don’t have much time left over to coach.  I don’t think many people would want to get coached at 4 AM or 9 PM and honestly my brain is mushy at that point.

I talked to my boss about cutting back my hours when this current contract is up which is about 3 months from now, but I want to coach more now and generate more income now.  Weekends are out for coaching because my husband works and that’s sacred time with my son.  I work long hours during the week and I don’t want to give up more time with him.  I would love some coaching around this.