Not knowing your thought….

Hi Brooke,
Is it possible to have an unintentional model because you are not taking the time to be deliberate about your thoughts? I’m very clear on the results I am getting, the actions I am taking, and the feeling I have, but having a hard time identifying the thought I am having that is driving the rest of the model. The only thing that is coming to me as I think about this model is that I am not taking the time to have deliberate thoughts that serve me, and therefore habits from the past are taking over to complete my model.
Unintentional Model
C- Not following protocol
F- out of control
A- overeating, eating foods that are not on my protocol, drinking/overdrinking
R- Gaining weight and my body feels miserable (overworked from digesting too much food, tired, over-full).

I appreciate your insights.