On Not Liking The Reasons

I am contemplating hiring a writing coach to assist me with writing my first book.
This is because for over two years I haven’t been able to generate much writing on my own.

The problem is that when I run a Model on my reason to hire a writing coach the thoughts are:
T= Clearly I can’t do it on my own
T= I need someone to motivate me and give me deadlines
T= I don’t know enough so I need guidance

None of these thoughts feel good.
They make me feel dis-empowered, doubtful, un-trusting in myself, and a sense of not enough-ness.

A part of me whispers that I actually can and will find out what is the next right thing to write if I will only be willing to sit in this discomfort of not knowing until I will know. And if I will only be willing to not judge every word along the way until the first draft is written.

Should I dismiss these thoughts and go hire a coach anyway?