Not Living Fully

Hi team,

In my self coaching, I noticed that I want to feel better before I get started with things. As I unpacked this model, I noticed how this appears in many contexts in my life. I think it’s something that I’m using to hold myself back. Where can I take this from here to clear up my thinking and move towards a more useful model?

Here’s a model I’ve come up with for my life. I’d love to get your thoughts on tweaks I could make here.

C: Living
T: I’m doing it wrong
F: Shame
A: Hide. Not live my life fully. Not do the things I want. Not ask for help. Not express my thoughts. Work on personal development courses without sharing what I’m doing with others. Try to feel better with exercise. Stay alone. Say yes to what others want. Not make plans for myself. Not do the plans I have made for myself. Not focus on what I want. Not focus on what I enjoy. Put lots of pressure on myself. Look at what others are doing. Benchmark myself against others. Focus on what I’m not doing, rather than what I am doing.
R: I make it hard to see what I’m doing right.