Not living in the present!

I am constantly thinking ahead of what I will be doing, what I should be doing, what I should work on, and on and on it goes. This has become more intense over the last few weeks since I have gone back to my part time job.
I never feel at peace or relaxed, I’m constantly thinking of what I should be working on or doing, my brain never stops!

C: daily schedule
T: I’m always thinking about tomorrow and not enjoying today
F: anxious
A: buffer with exercise, webinars, organizing, indecision,
R: feeling frustrated, not making any headway with my life – going in circles

Thank you!

C: daily schedule
T: I am focusing on the here and now
F: relaxed
A: live in the moment and focus on what I am currently doing, tackle things one at a time.
R: being present and enjoying my time instead of jumping ahead to new things.