Not living my full potential

I have this thought that keeps looping in my head that “I’m not living my full potential”. I am struggling in my marriage and want to leave my husband but don’t know how. I get ideas of what to do to create a coaching business and I don’t do them. I love to teach yoga and want to do more of that, but I don’t put myself out there. I want to continue to grow and support my existing business, but I’m not getting task done that are necessary. I want to create communities and connect with others, but I don’t make the effort to call or reach out.

As you can see, the thought “I’m not living my full potential” is coming from different circumstances in my life. I kind of assign it to anything I’m not doing lately. I am using this phrase as a way to beat myself up for where I am in my life. 

Here are two models I wrote using this thought:

C – I have a list of to do’s that have not been done
T – I’m not living my full potential
F – Overwhelm
A – Don’t plan, judge myself, not focused, don’t follow through on my ideas, lay around, scroll social media
R – I’m not moving forward in my life

C – I’m trying to decide whether or not to stay married
T – I’m not living my full potential
F – Indecision
A – don’t talk to my husband, quiet, don’t get things done, make excuses for why I’m not getting things done, dream of another life, cry, don’t focus, avoid my husband, get annoyed with my husband, talk to myself negatively, create scenarios in my mind about how leaving my husband will ruin my life
R – I’m not living

Not sure if these models are right. Can I have the same thought that creates different models? How do I get out of indecision? I feel so much emotional pain that I am paralyzed in making a decision and therefore I am being completely ineffective in my life.