Not losing weight anymore

I lost almost ten pounds following protocol and fasting and then I gained about 3 back. I still follow my food protocol but I haven’t been fasting. The reason I stopped fasting is because I’m sometimes really hungry. I felt like I was restricting my food to lose weight and I was becoming obsessed with the scale. So now I follow my protocol, which is generally meat and veggies and fat with grains very limited and only as planned. I eat two meals a day, lunch and dinner, with coffee for breakfast. And my weight has plateaued pretty much completely. I’d like to lose five more pounds and just stay at that weight. But I don’t want to feel like I’m starving myself.

My belief is that I can’t lose this last five pounds without starving myself and I see that I prove it true.

C: scale says 1×5.8
T: I can’t get to 1×0.0 without starving myself
F: resistance
A: I keep to my current protocol, I don’t fast, I don’t manage my mind around hunger, I don’t allow myself to feel hunger without making it mean something has gone wrong
R: I prove I can’t get to my goal weight without starving myself

I can also see that my thought about hunger is that “I shouldn’t be starving myself.” And that’s a thought. I am in a perfectly normal weight range, FYI.

C: the feeling of hunger
T: I’m f*cking starving
F: urge
A: eat, I don’t allow hunger, I don’t manage my mind
R: I perpetuate the belief that “feeling of hunger” = “starvation”

So, this isn’t a helpful thought. Hunger is indeed very different from malnutrition and starvation. It’s simply just a vibration in my body that feels unpleasant, and I want to numb it out with food.

I could try that on.

C: the feeling of hunger
T: this is just an uncomfortable vibration that my brain wants to numb out with food. Nothing has gone wrong here. I can feel this.
F: open to feeling
A: I feel hunger without resistance
R: I feel the vibration without resistance

I think this actually works. My brain really wants me to think I’m starving when I’m hungry.

C: the feeling of hunger
T: this is the vibration of hunger, this is not starvation
F: grounded
A: I stop telling myself stories about how I’m starving to death (I’m not)
R: I differentiate between a physical sensation of hunger and a thought (starvation)

Okay, this makes sense. I was actually losing weight when I was fasting and allowing hunger. I can do it again.

I think I solved it!