Not making progress

C – Quit my job in May 30 haven’t made any money up to July 20
T – I am not making any progress.
T – I am going backwards.
T – I was at least making money in my full-time job.
T – I shouldn’t have left my job.
T – I can’t seem to be making any more money.
T – All of this is hard.

When I was at my job, I did think I was going to make money within 3 months. I have 20 days left now. I did believe that I could make money from my business. Now I don’t think I can make the money. I feel like I was wrong. Now I don’t even have the job where I was actually making money.

So in this case, I believed that I could make money. And then I was wrong. SO in this case, believing in my goal actually made a negative consequence. Leaving my job and losing the money I used to make.

Also getting a new job seems just too tiring and I don’t even want to go back to working in a job anymore unless I am satisfied with the pay. I can’t seem to be finding a job that I want to do.