Not Making Real Spending Plans

I worked on my money after listening to Jody’s coaching call about money so I tried to do the work she explains and this is my UM :
C : spending plans
T : it’s not worth doing my plans, I check regularly my bank accounts on the app
F : indulging (lie to myself)
A : not following my plans, not even making real and precise plans, not giving myself the means to make them and to stick to them, not creating awareness on purpose
R : unconscious choice to not do them

Can you tell me if my model is ok please ?

and then my IM

C : spending plans/my books
T : you were able to lose 10 kg allowing your urges so of course you’re able to allow your urges about spending without reacting from (to ?) them
F : confident
A : knowing the state of my spendings, making plans, sticking to them, being able to be with my urges without acting from them, postponing the expense (just like with food urges that I’m allowed to have tomorrow if I chose to include them in my tomorrow protocol), not asking for approval when I spent because I’m a grown up
R : confidence & security (both on my money and myself)

Are those models right ?