Not My jam

Hi I just watched the Live coaching call replay where Brooke was coaching a person and Brooke stated that she wouldn’t volunteer to work with kids because “it’s not her jam.” I have been working in a job for the past three years working directly with young children. Working with young children has never been my jam and I never intended to do it in my profession. The reason I have chosen this job is that I live in a small town and there are few jobs available in my profession that pay well and allow part time work so I can take care of my own young children. This is one job that provides this opportunity. So I appreciate what it provides in terms of flexibility and hours of work and pay but struggle to go to work and carry out the daily activities because I do not at all enjoy it. I have been trying to “like my job” and show up fully but I find myself drained and negative by the end of the day. Brooke stated to this caller that she should be honest with herself that she doesn’t like working with kids. I feel I am being honest with myself and I don’t feel guilty about it except I am finding it hard to “love my job” due to what I think is a poor fit. Is Brooke saying that I should learn to love this job before leaving it? How would she learn to love a job working with kids of that is not her jam?