Not overeating, but not encountering feelings around food

After reading through the “If I’m So Smart”, listening to a bunch of podcasts, and then watching the Overeating Workshop – I finally decided to commit to honoring my word, making decisions ahead of time for bigger net pleasure/getting in touch with my real desires. It has only been a week, but it has been magic. I have had a few passing urges here and there, but they literally come and go within seconds. I acknowledge them, then I remind myself that honoring my word and my true desires are more important, and then they leave. It has been so easy. I thought there would be more hard feelings that I would have to face/experience/etc. I’m not resisting urges/feelings – it just seems like all the drama around food disappeared once I decided to commit to what I really want (a healthy future where I am more connecting with myself and my family – instead of numbing out on food). Am I missing something? There are definitely still a lot of other feelings I am experiencing that need A LOT of thought work (marriage, parenting, career) – but concerning food, it just seems like a non-issue. Thoughts?