Not a question but a huge thank you

Brooke, I’m so happy thanks to you that I could kiss you!! It’s been less than a week on me learning about protocol. I was scared hearing it at first because it seemed too strict and I figured I would lose it and then gain it back fast like a crash diet. But your point about treating it like fidelity in marriage made sense to me.
So I have been good 90% of the day since I started but obviously aiming for perfect. I just have to share how awesome today was.

Running late this morning and didn’t grab breakfast. I bought an unsweetened iced coffee though.
Now normally I would be hungry and grab the fastest quickest thing which is either fast food breakfast or a muffin but I told myself “your body can fast, relax”. I told myself this in between my lunch and dinner too because I’m so used to everyone saying “you have to snack to keep up your metabolism”. This time I remembered your voice saying “it’s okay if you’re hungry… So what?!” And I ignored my thoughts of “uh oh you should really have a snack now” and it went away.

I ordered without thinking at lunch a salad with fries. Well guess what, I had 4 fries and threw the rest out. I’m so darn proud because fries are my weakness. I did the thought model without realizing.
Circumstance- I have fries watching me now.
Thought- they are yummy but I have a meal waiting to be eaten.
Feeling – indifferent about the fries
Action- had 4 over the course of my meal and threw rest out.

I also realize that bc my meal was so yummy , the fries didn’t appeal to me.

And tonight I had a dinner of tofu and steamed veggies and I’m full and content.
Again I wasn’t Perfect today but the fact that I wasn’t growling with hunger and giving in is so massive to me so thank you, thank you!!

Just want to point out that hearing from society and the media and others that you have to snack to keep up your metabolism always freaked me out. I don’t usually eat often and the thought of having to figure out meals and snacks was intimidating plus it kept me preoccupied with food. Now I know I don’t have to think about food realistically until afternoon makes me relax a lot more so thank you!!