Not reaching my goals

Hi coach !

2 years ago , I set myself some goals for my life and my career which are :
– Change job and find a role which is closer to my strengths in the area of people or business development or change to social work
– Find a life partner that will love me, move with me and propose to me
– Lose weight and get in my best shape ever, running half marathon this year
– Develop my creative side and get a reasonable level at singing jazz

The current situation is :
– I applied to ~250 jobs in the last two years, got really close to get a new job but some obstacles always came in the way (restructuring, covid, one person blocked me for a promotion, a company refused at the last round because I was too senior) Therefore I failed there: still in the same position which is not fulfilling me
– I went on a ~100 dates. I now met a guy and we have a relationship but I get the feeling that he’s not wanting to commit at the same pace as me: therefore I think I will not be moving with him or he will not propose this year – if ever … I feel like I’m failing there too
– I signed up in a gym with my gf and went every second day to classes to build up physical conditions for a year. In parallel I started running again and signed up for a race for 10 km that I have finished in a good time. But during the race, I injured my hip and had to go through surgery, which will take a year recovering from. Therefore I’m not reaching my goal neither: I’m in poor shape after my surgery and I can’t run until next year – if ever depending on the surgeon opinion
– I broke my front tooth and got a nodule on my vocal cords. Therefore I haven’t been able to sing since last October and lost pretty much everything I learned. So there too I failed.

I think that I balanced my goals quite nicely so that I will able to master at least some of them. I tried as well to make the goals depend on me and not someone else too much. I did implement massive action and despite all that I’m failing. Today I feel extremely sad and disappointed at myself.
I’m wondering what can I do to feel better, I feel like I’m a failure in all areas .😞