Not ready for a new model?

I just read in one of your responses to a scholar and you said they “were not ready for a new model yet, because they have not processed the pain of the event.”

This makes a TON of sense for me now!

Wait- I want to make sure I understand.

So a person is not ready to do a new model if they have not processed all the pain of the event?

Example: I’m in the process of rewriting the story of my wedding. It’s so hard for me that I’m not finished with it yet. I tried to do models to make me feel better, and I ended up moving on to something else because I didn’t believe my ‘new thoughts’ I was trying to create.

Is this why?

Thanks for answering that other scholar like you did. It made me understand this process that much more. Now I know why I’m great at TD’s but not models.