Not satisfied with my job

6 months ago my job completely changed. I have never been completely happy with my job which is frustrating for me. It is a good job. I get vacation. I work with great people but I still can’t shake the feeling that I need to be doing more and this can’t be all there is. I want to just be happy with what I have but I seem to always be searching for the next thing.

C: I have a job.
T: there has to be more to life than this.
F: anxious
A: researching and looking for the next thing to try or next career move to make. End up spinning in my head and buffering with tv or social media.
R: I am still in the same role at work.

I try and write an intentional model but get stuck.
C: I have a job
F: satisfied
R: my job is fulfilling and I know I am contributing to the world for greater good.

I get stuck on what action I should take because I ultimately go back to something has to change at work. Or I have to spend more money to get a job I really want. I have been stuck in very indulgent emotions, confusion and overwhelm when I think about making a change. Any help would be appreciated