Not sure how to explain coaching vs. therapy

I have been sharing my enthusiasm for Scholars with friends and family. I have also mentioned that I plan to join Certification in the fall. Several people have asked me to explain the difference between coaching and therapy. Others have commented that coaching is like unregulated therapy and say this with an obvious negative spin.

Can you provide a little guidance about how to answer this question. I wrote a current model and intentional model on the topic. Any feedback on my models would also be appreciated.

C Friend says life coaching is like unregulated therapy / negative connotation
T I don’t know how to answer that objection
F hesitant
A let the subject wander away from coaching
R neither of us has clarity on coaching vs. therapy at end of call

Intentional model:
C No clarity on coaching vs. therapy
T I need to be able to explain
F determined
A ask question in scholars / Google / search Scholars, write the answer in 10 different ways
R I will be prepared to answer this question which will help clients overcome this objection