Not Sure How to Manage This One Issue

I am a coach of parents of children with autism. I also have a child with autism that went from nonverbal then we taught her sign language, we taught her to speak to where she is today were you wouldn’t even know she has autism.

I have a Potty Boot Camp coming up next week and one of the moms came to me with a common theme that I hear every now and again. The common theme is that their children are obsessed with their iPad and they don’t think they can use it as a reinforcer to teach the child to potty train.

They kind of feel like a victim to the iPad, they’re scared of the reaction their kids are going to have if they take the iPad away, and they don’t want to deal with the repercussions of having to entertain the child if an iPad isn’t an option. I believe they also use the iPad as a way for them to have their own time so they like that their kid has this iPad.

I start to get frustrated with the idea that they don’t see the dependence of the iPad as a block to them reaching their goals and I guess I didn’t think I was being judgy, but it does bother me that it doesn’t bother them enough that they would want to change this behavior.