Not sure I’m doing my models correctly.

I often don’t bother filling in the Circumstance because everything stems from our Thoughts, but maybe I should be including it anyway–your thoughts? I also noticed that in many of my models, I don’t take any action at all. Does that seem right? Very often, my feelings just seem to lead to more thoughts rather than any action. The Result is the most curious part though, I think. Especially when I don’t take any action.

Here are the models I’ve done since joining SCS:

T My husband and I don’t get along.
F frustrated
A I pout, am quiet, don’t engage in conversation, snap at him, don’t look at him, avoid him.
R My husband and I don’t do things together, we fight.

T I’m doing the work now, and believe I can think better, feel better, be more productive as I learn more.
F encouraged, hopeful
A I am continuing with today’s lesson.
R I am feeling better even now, almost happy.

C Our entire portfolio is currently valued at $740,279.58.
T The value is lower than I expected.
F nervous, disappointed
A I’m not taking any action at this point.
R (speculative) The value of our portfolio may not grow much because I’m not actively managing it.

C I have been getting about 4 or 5 hours of sleep the past couple days.
T I’m tired, not getting enough sleep lately.
F deprived
A I insist on continuing to do the things I enjoy and want to get done, regardless of the hour.
R I don’t get to bed until about 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning.

C My husband is getting settled to watch a show [together], and the cat is walking in front of the screen.
T There’s too much going on.
F agitated
A I move the cat out of the way, and wait for my husband to get settled.
R We watch the show in peace.

C I haven’t answered emails from LegalZoom or Solarium Productions.
T I’m not organized or motivated enough to handle this.
F overwhelmed
A I procrastinate doing necessary paperwork, and getting back to people.
R More tasks pile on top of these, making it harder to be organized and motivated.

C I have set a goal to enter a bodybuilding competition.
T My body is designed to build muscle.
F confident
A Work out 5 days a week
R (speculative) Win a bodybuilding competition

T Husband doesn’t respect my time.
F frustrated
A [So I can choose to…] learn to set rules and expectations, and follow through.
R I will feel respect for myself

C Husband told me that Brother said to him, “In case you haven’t noticed, my sister can be a bit of a bitch.”
T Brother doesn’t think as highly of me as I thought.
F sad
A no action, act as though nothing was ever said
R ???

T [When I think about] being chosen to participate in this human experience…
F [I feel] WORTHY [of all the rewards that can bring…]
A [and] give myself permission to create daily routines that include adequate sleep…
R [which will result in my] taking action toward the things I want to achieve.

T I shouldn’t want to spend my Self-Coaching Scholars time working on time management, when the reason I signed up was to understand and manage Brain’s involvement in my relationship with Husband.
F guilt
A Deciding to do both. I will focus on time management first. Then once I believe I have that under control, I will focus on my marriage.
R Brains wants to linger in guilt. [But I also feel relief in having decided.]

T I know that’s not how it’s supposed to be done, but I wanted to honor my exercise time that I had scheduled, and that meant wrapping [other] things up before I was done [with them].
F proud
A I will continue to “have my own back.”
R I will become a scheduling master!

C The cats come visit me while I’m working.
T I’m a bad mother for working instead of spending time with the cats.
F guilt
A I interrupt my work to visit with the cats.
R I don’t get my work done.

C I don’t get my work done.
T I’m a failure at this, I’ll never get it right.
F discouraged
A I eventually give up or forget.
R I fail to get my work done.

C I came across The PassioKnit Spinner on YouTube.
T I like the way she does things like using random colors and fibers in a sweater.
F intrigued
A I subscribed to her channel.
R I will learn more about her theories and methods.