Not sure what my result is

I would like help cleaning up this model. I don’t feel like I really nailed the result down so I wrote down the results that I thought fit. I’m curious what it is you are seeing that I am creating as well as what you think of each of the results I wrote down.

I’m also curious about my action line as I put things in like “I felt x” and “thought of all other times this has happened in the past” – any advice/thoughts there?

Thank you!

C: Anna said, “I don’t know what to do… he knows we’re supposed to leave at 8:15 and that I have my conference call at 8:30. I’m pretty sure his first class started at 8:30. I woke him up at 7:30, he yelled at me to get out of his room. I don’t know what to do.” – something like that
T: I want nothing to do with this
R: Don’t know what to say, short with response, I said, “I don’t know, maybe he missed his ride for the day”, I was avoiding the conversation, not bringing it up or asking, was not trying to be helpful, was trying to get out of the conversation as quickly as possible, left in a hurry to go upstairs, didn’t talk to James about it, didn’t help Anna (not really, other than saying maybe he missed his ride), did not offer a ride, thought of all reasons I shouldn’t give a ride, felt judgmental towards them both, felt anger and resentment towards Anna, thought of all the other times this has happened, felt justified in not helping
R: I didn’t take time to help Anna or James/I didn’t offer a great solution or even take the time to think of one/I had an attitude of, “Yup, you’re fucked and I don’t know what to do either”/Had an attitude of “I told you so; this is why we tried to help you before, but you didn’t listen. You’re on your own.”