Not talking about my offer


So after the thought download of the day, I decided to choose to look at why am I not talking about my offer and there are many many thoughts and feelings.
I decided to start with the result: I don’t have new clients
The model is:
C : I am writing my sales pages
T : I am wondering if I can really help people reach the level of fulfillment I am mentioning
F : hesitant
A : I am not mentioning my offer on social media, I am not talking about what I do and how I can help, I am not talking to potential clients
R : I don’t have new clients

SO I asked myself: why do I chose to think that?
– because thinking that way allows me to question myself, and not to think that I am overly powerful, and it allows me not to make promises I can’t keep.
– because that way I stay in my “comfort” zone where I don’t take a chance on people, I don’t go into the world and risk to realise that I am lacking some skills to help people properly and to that level.
I realise how absurd it is, as I know that people are responsible for their own accomplishments. And can be the best or the worst, whatever they accomplish or not is fully their responsibility. It’s just a recurring pattern that I still have to take responsibility for other people’s feeling and I think it might have kept me “safe” when I was younger. But, now it’s just not working and it’s putting too much pressure and giving myself way too much power that I don’t actually have. Not sure if I’m clear. It feels like I’m doing another thought download here.

So I also answered the question: What do I think people think about me?
– I think they wonder who the hell I think I am making that kind of promise to people!
– I think they think that I am talking bollocks and that what I’m saying is just not possible


What do I do now ???

Still feeling like my brain wants to go suuuuuper fast and change everything, I do feel like I have soooo many ways to buffer. I could feel myself urging to stop that process to go and publish on facebook a brilliant idea I was having for my clients and could absolutely not miss. I saw I was about to give into the urge and I managed to stay in the process, say goodbye to the brilliant idea, another better one will come later anyway. That’s what I think I did anyway.

Thanks in advance for your brilliant help !

If I want to answer the questions you will ask me, can I copy paste your answer and start another “ask a coach” from that to stay on the same topic? Is that OK to do so?