Not thinking of the consequence while eating off-plan

I ate an early dinner yesterday when I wasn’t really hungry, I think due to boredom of a long rainy weekend at home with my 2 young children. I ate a light meal (a salad).  A couple of hours later I thought I might be hungry but it also could’ve just been a thought process like “I ate such a light dinner– that couldn’t have been enough.  I don’t want to feel deprived.”  So I ate cheese and crackers and then an ice cream. Then I felt really mad at myself for eating those things because I don’t think I felt actual hunger and I didn’t plan on having those things.

The rest of the night I felt very distracted, and it was hard to be present with my kids because I just keep thinking about how mad I was at myself, how I messed up, etc. I woke up this morning feeling the same way. While I was brushing my teeth I remembered what I did and felt disappointed and that I am not allowed to feel good today because of yesterday’s overeating. I wish I could really remember how it feels afterward so I am more motivated not to overeat in the first place.