Not thinking of the past

I have a lot of anger towards my parents, and I think of them and of the past when I am with my kids. I am in therapy and I know this a normal process and that one day I will be able to forget the past.
However, these thoughts of my parents trigger me to anxiety and sometimes panic attacks. I would like some thoughts to calm myself down, stop thinking about them, and focus on my family.
What thoughts could I pratice ?

An example of my models :
C. My mother called
T. I was not nice to her and did something bad (the triggering thought I had all my childhood)
F. Highly anxious
A. Spin in my head, trigger fight of flight response, go the Valentine’s day restaurant numb and anxious, hard time to focus on my kids and less patient, think about my relationship with my parents for a day and a half, sleep poorly.
R. I am doing something bad to myself

C. When my parents call
T. ? I will be polite with them ?
F. Calm
A. Respond to them calmly, give some news, don’t stay too long on the phone, not think of them as soon as I hung, be respectul but distant.
R. I am polite

Thank you