Not valuing my opinion

Hi Coaches

I can’t help but feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. I keep feeling this urge to look at what other people are saying, and feel like I’m not learned enough on a topic to speak about it.

I find myself looking to other professionals on what to say, and often find myself feeling lost about what I truly want to say. I’m unable to find my own voice and be authentic to me on my social media, and share what I feel is valuable. A part of me doesn’t even know what is valuable.

An example of this will be:

C:  Someone asks me a question.
T: I need to find the right answer and make sure that what I have to say is good enough because I’m a phoney.
F: Confused?
A: Go to other professionals and see what they are saying.  Rephrase it. Don’t listen to myself and my instincts. Don’t even know what my instincts actually say.  Don’t acknowledge my own experience and what has worked for me. Feel overwhelmed and confused.  Don’t feel authentic and feel like a fraud. Don’t see the evidence of how many people I have helped.
R: I end up feeling like a fraud and feel flaky with wafting through other people’s opinions

I honestly don’t even know what my philosophy is anymore and feel like I have lost my voice. I feel like I am merely a funnel of opinions of other peoples views/findings.

This makes me want to hide on my social media and feel like my creativity plummets and I am not able to be develop messaging. I feel like all I do is just copy and am struggling to find ME. I feel like I don’t have a clever answer, or helpful information and am not good with words!