Not wanting to follow my fun time plans (AA)

So this is a questions I thought I would never have to ask. But, I have been working on my time management and planing everything and being very successful at it. I did notice my frustration of lack of down time was poor planing. Now I am making sure to schedule fun/down time. Well today, I only put on my calendar meal prep and then 1.5hours of video games at night (I only have about 3 hours from the time I get home until bed time). Well at around 12pm I already didn’t want to do what I had planed, that being the video games. I was very intrigued by this and confused. I know Brooke says your brain will usually not want to do what it has planed. But how can I not want to follow thru with my fun-time plans? My brain was thinking, it would be so much take out the dog for a run, or it would be so much fun to go shopping, or perhaps being productive and cleaning the closet out, etc. And I genuinely preferred doing those things (in the moment). I am going to play my scheduled video games after writing this question as planned because I want to honor all my plans (and because it is fun). I want to get in the habit of doing what I wanted to do 24 hours ago when I planned it and not what I feel like doing in the moment.. What are your thoughts on this?

Thank you 🙂