Not wanting to work in my business

The feeling I am experiencing is unmotivated, uninspired, uninterested.

The thoughts that are have:
– I don’t have any energy.
– I am not interested in working towards my goal like I used to before.
– Idk what is going on for me.
– I don’t feel like working.
– I don’t feel inspired like I used to before.
– The enthusiasm and zeal has lost that I had before.
– What if I end up like this always?
– What if I always end up feel unmotivated towards my business?

Although I know I create those feelings, it just seems like the thoughts and the feelings are just happening to me. All of the thoughts are the experience that I am having based on how it feels in my body.

How do I create enthusiasm towards working in my business when those thoughts just seem to be like facts or the real experiences.

How do other people stay motivated and enthusiastic towards their business. I was very enthusiastic before but now I feel like I have lost it.