Not Being Worthy (Laurie)

Hi Brooke,

I offered to be coached live last week on “being worthy”. Although my name didn’t get called, you mentioned how common and difficult that topic is, as it is SO broad – you said we need to break it down.
That resinated with me and I have been working on that ever since.

I wanted to share with you how valuable that simple statement was for me.

I have struggled with not feeling “good enough/an after thought/not worthy” for most of my life. In fact so much so, that I was considering it as part of my niche for my coaching business. I had really identified with the “imposter syndrome”.
I could see how it was creeping into all facets of my life…both personal and professional.

But when you said we need to break it down…it got me to examine how long and why I have had this belief.

Interesting enough, the same week I received mail with my birth name on it Laura…it triggered that I have always felt like I didn’t matter / wasn’t valued since my parents couldn’t even decide what to name me. On my birth certificate it says Laura but my parents/family called me Laurie – although my dad at times would write it Lori. They told me they weren’t sure why it said Laura – it must have been a mistake. I have used this as evidence for my entire life that “I was a mistake/not worth correcting”.


I then applied your work and asked how true this is. Because the only evidence I could find (at the time) supported it – it took me some time to turn it upside down and sideways.

I can’t believe how such a little thing like this could have made me think I was not worthy for SO many years!

I am now working on building my library of evidence that my parents adored me (which they did) and how lucky am I that I have an alias!! 🙂

I can’t thank you enough for how impactful your work has been on my life. I started this initially to learn how to be a life coach (joining you in September!) and have now incorporated all your tools with my husband’s broker business (we are going to blow it out of the water!) and and our relationship (we just celebrated 25 years and we are stronger/more in love than ever!).

You truly have a gift and I am so thankful you have chosen to share it with all of us!

With sincere gratitude,

Laurie/Laura/Lori 🙂