Note to me from my future self.

Loved this advice to write a note to myself from myself. My future self has become my best friend. She’s so strong and encouraging and wise. I love her deeply.

I have been giving into a lot of urges this week and decided to finally do this. Here’s my letter.

Letter to myself

Britt. I love you. You are so close. You are doing it all exactly right. You’re feeling unhappy, or restless or awkward. You’ve had a long day, you’ve messed up maybe, you’re exhausted, and you want to slip back into apathy. I get it. Just remember this.
You. Are. Worthy.
You. Matter.
It’s okay to feel unhappy.
It’s okay to feel bored
It’s okay to feel restless
It’s okay to feel awkward
It’s okay to feel deprived.
You are human. We want to feel these emotions.
Food isn’t the solution.
Allow the feeling of suck.
Don’t try to resist it
The cookie or pancake or chocolate or cake
They are irresistible.
Allow this urge and you take a huge step toward your goal.
You matter. You’re goal matters.
Evolving past this is what you really want.
Not the food.
I’m on the other side and we no longer even think or ever desire this food.
It’s because of your commitment and dedication to staying with the negative emotions feeling them all the way through.
Invite them in. Open your heart to them.
Pay attention to yourself.
You’re so desperately trying to get your own attention, listen and be still. She has something to show you.
Thank you.
Keep doing what your doing.
Feeling the suck is okay. We survive it. And we are now thriving.
I love you.
You are a daughter of God with infinite potential. Don’t sell yourself short.
You were always meant for more.
This is the path to more.
This is the river of misery. Don’t run back and say it’s too cold and too Swift.
Allow the cold and current to aide you to the other side.
Feel the sting of cold water and keep moving forward.
It will all be okay.
So proud of you.