All or nothing attitude for weight loss

Hi Brooke,
Today when I did my thought download I realized that what I wrote was absolutely ridiculous. My goal in 2018 is to lose 100lbs and while I’m having no issues day to day with urges etc. all of my fears are about challenges in the future.

The “thought” today that drove me over the line was this…
C: My upcoming birthday in a few weeks
T: My husband will probably buy cupcakes, if I eat even one bite it will completely throw me off of plan and I’ll permanently lose control
F: Out of control
A: Stop following protocol
R: Don’t lose weight

The “Best” thought I could come up with was…
C: My upcoming birthday in a few weeks
T: If I focus on planning in advance and sticking with it, I’ll eventually hit my goal
F: Focused
A: Stay on protocol
R: Lose weight

THe challenge is that I really do want to be “perfect” on protocol but I know that’s going to be pretty difficult without shutting myself off from the entire world. Best example is that I’m procrastinating buying tickets to visit my parents in Florida later this month even though its FREEZING here just because It seems way easier to stay here than to deal with the challenges I would need to overcome staying with them.

So I think my thought is still a good one… the problem is that the rational part of me knows that’s true but my brain is telling me that if I don’t give 100% all the time… I’ll fail. So the best way to describe my actual feelings is.. “skeptically optimistic” lol

Is there a better thought for me OR do need to keep reinforcing it with myself until I believe it wholeheartedly?