Nothing is impossible except my 2019 impossible goal

Ok. I feel overwhelmed.
Yes, i said it. Overwhelmed.
My goal is to make a minimum of $100,000.
Its impossible because i do not have a job.
Well, im door dashing, insta carting (delivery apps) and doing some direct sales for a health & beauty company.
Im choosing these types of employment currently because my main focus is writing my book (9,800 words so far) and focused on getting Life Coach certified. I want the flexibility of my hours to work on book, SCS, and dont want to clock in to an employer. Working through the homework im at 25 epic fails per quarter and stuck. Im not going to make $100,000 through door dash and locking myself in my room to write. Im stuck in my brain figuring the actual action list of my 25 epic fails that actually correlates with what im currently doing to making $100,000.

Hope my question makes sense.