Noticing A Theme

I’ve become very aware of my behavior and what I’m finding is that when someone says something to me that I don’t agree with, especially my parents, when I make an initial comment and respond back to them, they come back harder with a response and I recede. I think it might be because I don’t like the feeling of sitting with the negative emotion that I’m feeling. Like, “if I just keep quiet then I won’t upset them further”.

C: parents say words

T: I won’t say what I’m truly thinking bc they’ll get more upset.

F: scared.

A: don’t say what I’m truly thinking.

R: I don’t upset them.

(Intellectually I know I have no control over others emotions but I think I don’t say what I truly want because then I won’t have to feel the negative emotion that I’m feeling bc I said what I said).

Coach me!:)